Flexible payment options to make IT happen

Four Inc. has executed financed IT acquisition for large and small enterprises in both the public and private sectors. We offer leasing and flexible financial solutions, with varying terms and conditions, to organizations so that they can continue operations and acquire assets while making payments over time by using operational or capital funds.

Managed Service Agreements

Four Inc. structures managed service agreements in which organizations are able to fund several IT services through one contract, such as a data center along with field equipment, with one recurring payment. We can provide expert guidance and recommendations to assist managers in identifying which areas would most benefit from this type of solution. These contracts are efficient and generate millions of dollars in return on investment.

Software-As-A-Service (Saas)

The historical approach to IT acquisition is to procure perpetual enterprise licenses or hardware for users that require the technology. But what if the need fluctuates? Four Inc. has developed a Software-As-A Service (SaaS) offering in which the customer may utilize licenses and pay for only those that are in use. And unlike the historical approach, that usage can go up or down as the customer desires.

Utility-Based Asset Pricing

It is often difficult for customers to account for changes in volume and usage requirements when acquiring certain IT assets. Utility-based asset pricing enables customers to dial up or dial down usage needs while keeping payment streams predictable. Four Inc. has facilitated a number of flexible utility-based asset pricing arrangements, enabling customers to manage dynamic changing environments, while not limiting fiscal normalcy.


Four Inc. provides software hosting for those organizations that either do not see the need to host applications on their own networks, or do not want to make the investment in capital intensive infrastructure. This results in considerable savings for customers and enables them to pay for usage on a monthly basis and for only what they utilize. In addition, this allows ability to offer best of breed solutions at a fraction of the cost.

Let us help you get IT done.